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Richmond Unlimited Website Upgrade

It’s finally here!

Richmond Unlimited have been working hard behind the scenes over the last months and it’s finally all paying off.

As you may be aware we have recently finished the WiFi installation and the great news is that the latest stats show a sustained usage growth. This means more and more people are logging on and discovering the Richmond Unlimited website.

The old site had served Richmond for a number of years but the biggest drawback was that it was not designed for the new, upwardly mobile generation so it was time that we upgraded that too!

Rather than make the old site ‘responsive’ (viewable on mobile devices) we felt the time was right to look at the wonderful opportunities available from the internet for growing Richmond businesses online.

We chose to work with gauk Media due mainly to their experience in growing their own businesses on the Web.  In short, gauk is run by entrepreneurs who happen to be able to build great websites.

We have launched the first stage of the new Richmond Smart Search application; a state-of-the-art, interactive mapping module that allows a visitor to easily find and filter just what they are looking for.

The Richmond Unlimited website is far more than a conventional directory.  It is a showcase for each business allowing you access to your listing so you can upload images, video, opening hours etc and even a Google street view of your premises.

No longer do visitors have to dig through hundreds of directory listings; ALL businesses and points of interest are available to view instantly with more map markers coming online all the time.

Richmond Unlimited are committed to the growth and prosperity of Richmond and will be doing all they can to enable you to showcase your business.

To compliment the new website we’re about to launch our newsletter service keeping Richmond businesses up to date on developments within their community.

So, we’re really excited about the coming months and will be contacting and working with all local businesses to ensure the new website maximizes every opportunity for you.

  • If you have a business listing you can edit it by simply clicking the ‘own this business’ button on the listing and you will be sent a password.
  • Once you have a password go to “log-in” and you are up and running.
  • If you have a business in Richmond and you’re not featured you can either create an account (Just below the search map) or contact Kim Quint:
  • Phone: (03) 544 4898
  • Mobile: 027 383 6863
  • Email:

Image Credit: Specialized Lighting Concepts