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Anything Google Cloud

When you need simple, no fuss Cloud solutions, we will minimise your input and maximise your output, simple.

As Cloud specialists we are enabling any sized business to cut the cost of computer system setup. We are doing this against comparable Cloud services and bettering their price by at least 30%. We have been moving businesses to the Google platform and, to their delight, they find the service, system and support excellent.

Google Cloud competes with ongoing monthly costs from other companies by 40% savings or better. Our clients are finding that the lower cost does not mean a lower standard of service. When they have understood why – they are both delighted and eager to make the most of this amazing platform.

As a result, many of our clients are now utilising software and services outside the Google  platform. These services expand our clients business and extend their capabilities. When it comes to competition our clients feel they have a good lead on. This cannot be done with other platforms.

If you’re considering your IT right now it would be wise to include a discussion with us. We can show you a thorough and complete Business Class system that will surprise you. The Google Cloud system is high quality in both performance and cost. It’s hard to beat a World Class organisation like Google, it’s easy to change.

You may need Email, Calendar, Documents and storage. You may need collaboration or video connection. You may need slide development or online forms. You may need accessibility anywhere anytime on any device. You may need or want all of that. With the Google Cloud system it’s all available, not so with others.

If you think we can’t help your Server, think again. We’d love to chat with you about the low cost to run your server online, no matter the software you use on it. We’d love to discuss with you how you can have no more hassles with storage or security. We’d love to show you how maintenance, software upgrades and technical time costs are almost eliminated. We’d love to give you complete accessibility and remove all the other issues that a server bound to your office imposes. Consider the extent of cost savings on your business. Consider the savings to your mind. Run your business, don’t be swamped by it.

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