Waimea Intermediate

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Waimea Intermediate provides a caring environment where students are challenged and supported to achieve their full potential through excellence in teaching and learning. Our focus is on academic development and the personal, social, emotional and physical growth of the whole student.

We offer a modern curriculum using a range of instructional and organisational techniques to cater for students of all ability levels. We combine homeroom, specialist and semi-specialist teaching to provide varied and challenging opportunities for students.

Our dedicated staff work in highly effective teams to ensure quality learning opportunities for all students. They value open communication between home and school.

This school has a strong focus on self-review and development with high quality staff development and regularly reviews its programmes and approaches to meet the needs of students for a changing world.

Our address

48 Salisbury Road Richmond, Nelson New Zealand
-41.339921832137144, 173.19332836137698
(03) 544-8994

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